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What services do we offer for 2015!

A Full Range Of Drainage Services: PlumbJet cover everything from small works such as unblocking a kitchen sink, to a full CCTV survey; there is simply no job too big or small. We cover London and the M25 area. Our…

Numptee – Bin it. Don’t Flush it.

A fantastic advertising campaign launched recently by Yorkshire Water. In the advert the comical character ‘Numptee ‘ and the voice-over give a funny but essential guide to consumers as to what they should and should not flush down their drains in order avoid ‘drain and sewer abuse’. Apart from being funny; the video does provide a sound basis for maintaining the flow of your drainage and helping to reduce damage to the environment. As a conscientious drainage specialist we would like to share this with our clients for its educational value as much as it’s comedy value. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE – Enjoy!

‘Bin it – don’t block it’ Thames Water campaign

‘Bin it – don’t block it’ is a Thames Water campaign to educate people about ‘sewer abuse’. The campaign is aimed at stopping people from flushing items down their toilets and sinks which may lead to blockages. Sewer abuse is essentially about disposing of anything other than human waste or toilet tissue down your drains.

The all NEW PlumbJet website goes live!

Bigger, better, stronger! The completely new PlumbJet website is designed to help you; our customer, find out more about¬†the range and quality of services that we offer, (much like many other company websites), but also offer you advice and tips…

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