Specialist Drainage Services

Vacuum Tankers

Vacuum TankersVacuum tankers provide a range of services and are fully equipped to carry all types of liquid waste collection, ranging from 2000 gallons up to 6000 gallons with the capability for suction up to 100ft in depth, allowing us to be able to cope easily with the demand of both domestic and commercial customers. Our equipment and vehicles are of the highest specification and quality, extremely versatile, robust and effective and are safe to operate in a range of potentially hazardous field applications.

Plumbjet offer a comprehensive tank cleaning, decommission and removal service.  From small domestic jobs to commercial bulk storage installations we have the experience and plant equipment available to provide a solution to your tank cleaning or extraction requirements.

A summary of our services are as follows:

  • Trained confined space entry teams for cleaning works in tanks, vessels, pits or basement areas etc.
  • Removal & draining
  • Septic tank cleaning

Drain Relining & Repairs

If there is a structural problem within the drain, then there are two main options of repairing it. The first is by excavating and the second is by using no-dig technology

Drain Excavation & Digging ServicesExcavation / Digging
Digging up the ground or excavating is usually the last resort when trying to solve a problem, however sometimes this is the only way to repair the drain or solve the problem.  If a drain has collapsed then excavating is usually the only option, unless diverting the drain would be easier and more cost effective.

When carrying out this type of work we use CCTV equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the problem to ensure that the excavation is being carried out in the correct place with the depth being known before putting a spade into the ground.

 No-dig Drain RepairsNo-Dig Technology
More and more technology is becoming available on the market, which allows drains to be repaired without having to dig up and disturb the ground.  Drain relining is the most common type of no dig technology.

Drain relining consists of impregnating a sock like material with resin and using air inversion to insert it in to the drain.  These resins react together, eventually hardening and sealing the drain.  This process covers holes, cracks and fractures within the pipe, as well as open, displaced joints and root intrusion.  By repairing the drain this way, it seals the drain and also improves the structural integrity of the drain at the same time.


Hydro-excavating replaces conventional backhoe and digging techniques, providing a safer work environment, a more precise operation, and less impact to the environment.

Hydro-Excavation ServicesThis non-destructive method of excavation uses high pressure water jets to break up the soil, while a high pressure vacuum is used to remove the soil, leaving a clean hole around which work can be safely performed. This is a real benefit for companies that need to locate utility lines such as fibre optic cables, gas pipes, water pipes and those hard to reach places without the dangers of heavy industrial equipment.



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