Terms & Conditions

  • Payment must be made in full on booking.
  • Any materials used for plumbing or drainage work are extra.

Data Protection Policy

  1. At Plumbjet London Ltd we value the privacy of our customers. We know that we cannot grow and succeed unless we create a professional service that our customers feel comfortable in using and have the confidence to return to.
  2. All information collected via www.plumbjetlondon.com is solely owned by Plumbjet (London) Ltd.
  3. For the purposes of being able to transact with you, we may need to collect certain information including your name and address, a means of contact such as email address or phone number in order to provide efficient customer service. We never give out email addresses or personal details for use by other organisations.
  4.  We may maintain log files of Plumbjet (London) Ltd website activity. These can be kept and analysed to check for technical errors and performance indicators, and do not contain personal information about users.
  5. We maintain a record of Products or Services bought by our customers. This information is used to provide a purchase history to customers, and to analyse patterns. Information about any individual’s transactions is treated as confidential and not provided to any third party.
  6. Where email and other information is provided to us in response to our invitation for information to provide notifications about new content, offers and other information, this information will be used only for the purpose given.

For any queries regarding privacy and confidentiality, an email should be sent in the first instance to: info@plumbjet.com



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